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The best place for coffee. Home.

  Though we’ve been to some of the finest coffee shops right here on Church Street Bengaluru, and in the East Village NYC, we realised that there’s nothing like sitting with your feet up, wearing what you want, being with those you know (or none at all) and slowly sipping your coffee. We also figured we make better coffee at home, because that’s when we’re at our craziest best.

Single Origin. Double passion.

  You like microbreweries, don’t you? The quaintness, the comfort, the precision, the quality, and the flavour. Well, micro roasteries are distant cousins of microbreweries, and we’re quite happy to be related to them. And yes, we work out of home. Home being the coffee estate that’s housed the family for over seven decades.  1957 to today has seen coffee go through various stages, and today the coffee revolution is one where there is transparency, ethics and passion. Coffee today is seen as an artisanal food product, rather than a commodity, and here at The Crazy Bean Company, we’re with it from soil to seedling and roasting to packaging. What does this mean to you? Better quality and way better freshness.   

Your way.

  Everything today can be done your way. If it isn’t done your way, you can always get onto social media to rant about it. But seriously, you have the right to demand what you like. But before that you need to know exactly what you want. With coffee, there are a myriad processes, flavours, blends and balances all coming together to give you that one perfect sip. And there are many more ways to put that together.  Bharath, our Chief-Planter-Roaster-Coffee Geek can vouch for it. He can also give you the exact pack of Crazy Bean Coffee you need. Yes, we also do private labels.  Every bag here is roasted to order, using a range of brewing methods and blends. We can use natural robusta coffee to organic washed arabica coffee, and the roasts range from a light cinnamon to a dark French. Our German grinders (machines, not men) give every pack an ideal and homogenous grind - French press to Turkish. So call us, chat and let’s make sure those 5 crucial minutes of coffee time you have for yourself are perfect.  


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