About Us


 Even the best coffee beans in the world do not equate to a good cup of coffee. The reason is freshness, or more exactly, the lack of it. Most of the coffee in supermarkets and cafés is weeks if not months old.  We at the Crazy Bean Company can help you get the freshest and thereby the best coffee to your customers 


•Every bag of coffee is roasted to order. Whether it is a 250 gm pouch or a 250,000 gm lot. Our array of roasters enables us to roast different batch sizes according to the order placed. 

•As you may be aware different brewing methods require different grind sizes. Our state-of -the-art German Grinders ensure the right and homogenous grind for every kind of coffee from french press to turkish.  


Established in 1957 we have been in the coffee business for seven decades. We have been trading in Coffee, Pepper, Oranges and Rice from generations. Our headquarters and roastery is located on our own coffee farms. Being in this unique position we can reverse engineer the best coffee in your cup from the plant in the soil. Also we are only a few hours from International Airports and Sea Ports making sure that our products are only days away from the time of roasting to delivery. Our farm and roastery   is   on   Western Ghats of India, adjacent to Rajiv Gandhi National Park an evergreen forest and, one of the biodiversity hotspots in the world. Probably one of the only places The coffee is completely shade grown under a forest like canopy. The coffee grows among a lot of wild fruit trees(fig, mango, jackfruit, papaya, etc.), jungle wood and spices like pepper and chilly. The availability shade, shelter and fruit attracts avian visitors like Hornbills, Hummingbirds, woodpeckers, peacocks and many more. Our four legged guest list includes elephants, civet, mongoose, flying squirrel, wild boar, spotted deer and on occasion the Royal Bengal Tiger. The farm is at an elevation of 2900 ft above msl. Though the plants get a lot of nourishment from the fallen leaves we also provide mineral fertilisers and organic micronutrients. There is zero use of pesticides and insecticides on the farm. 

So what are you waiting for order one of our standard products or get in touch to get your customised cup of coffee.